Italy’s COVID Despotism Just Got Worse

Source: Italy’s COVID Despotism Just Got Worse | ZeroHedge

“These second-class citizens, who have already been stripped of their right to move, work, and participate in a great number of social activities, are now forbidden from entering post offices to withdraw their pension, and they are to be allowed access to supermarkets only to buy “goods of primary necessity.” 

If we were not living in the age of CNN, fake news, and outrageous subsidies handed out by politicians to newspapers and the media, one could legitimately wonder where the journalists were while all this was going on? In fact, journalists in Italy are among the main culprits of the current dystopian reality, since they have given platforms to “experts” who agreed with lockdowns and other measures that expanded government control over all aspects of life, while at the same time they ferociously mocked and ostracized doctors and scientists who dared to question the logic of outdoor mask mandates and curfews for restaurants

Duitsland, Oostenrijk, Italië, Griekenland… De nieuwe dictaturen in de EU. Voornamelijk journalisten (en media) zijn verantwoordelijk. Zij zijn het die steeds de Bühne bouwen en in stand houden voor die zogenaamde experts als voorstanders van “lockdowns”, verplichte vaccinaties en andere beperkende maatregelen voor delen van de bevolking, terwijl deskundigen met een tegenovergestelde en afwijkende mening consequent geweerd worden, net als hier… -DGZ-