Von Greyerz: “There Is Going To Be A New World Disorder”

Source: Von Greyerz: “There Is Going To Be A New World Disorder” | ZeroHedge

“But have we ever heard a central bank head or a president telling their people that the currency is going to become worthless due to their reckless actions?

No, of course not. Firstly they don’t understand or study history and secondly no elected politician can ever tell the truth because if they did, they would never be elected.”

Dat is de reden waarom de politieke kaste het volk MOET beliegen. LIEGEN MOET, verkondigden we een paar dagen geleden.

“And that is exactly what we are seeing now with the worst possible concoction of debt deficits, currency debasement and decadence. The consequences were of course always predictable based on history. But no leader in the current era is a real student of history. And that is why the world is in such a mess.”

Eindigende cycli die gepaard gaan met oorlogen en conflicten gaan hun vernietigend werk doen, niet in de laatste plaats vanwege incompetente politici… -DGZ-