Why Are US Military Personnel Heading To Peru?

Source: Why Are US Military Personnel Heading To Peru? | ZeroHedge

“And the US government and military have made no secret of their interest in the mineral deposits that countries like Peru hold in their subsoil. In an address to the Washington-based Atlantic Council on Jan 19, Gen. Laura Richardson, head of the U.S. Southern Command, spoke gushingly of Latin America’s rich deposits of “rare earth elements,” “the lithium triangle — Argentina, Bolivia, Chile,” the “largest oil reserves [and] light, sweet crude discovered off Guyana,” Venezuela’s “oil, copper, gold” and the fact that Latin America is home to “31% of the world’s fresh water in this region.”

In veel regionen waar Amerikanen opduiken of zich roeren, landen aanvallen, te vriend houden of onrust en conflicten veroorzaken, zijn grondstoffen in het spel. De strijd om grondstoffen zal in de toekomst alleen maar toenemen… -DGZ-