Why Did Russia REALLY Invade Ukraine? 

Source: Why Did Russia REALLY Invade Ukraine? – New Dawn – World’s Most Unusual Magazine

“The facts outlined here – that were suppressed in the West  (gekaufte Journalisten…) but well known to informed observers – are only now emerging in mainstream media as Western backers of Ukraine begin to face reality.”

“It’s no secret that over past decades numerous foreign policy experts warned that NATO’s continued eastward expansion, coupled with the US and UK’s increasingly strident rhetoric and aggressive policies directed against Russia would end up fomenting war in Ukraine.”

In “de welingelichte kringen” was het allang geen geheim meer dat de voortdurende “Osterweiterung” tot het door het westen gewenste conflict zou leiden. Die oorlog werd immers al veel eerder voorbereid… -DGZ-