Listen to what gold is telling you

Listen to what gold is saying. It’s not deflation that we have to worry about. We’re about to enter a multi year period of rising inflation. Seriously did you think years of QE weren’t going to have consequences at some point? For a long time I’ve maintained several key macro views. Gold started a new …

Source: Listen to what gold is telling you – Smart Money Tracker

We zijn meestal op zoek naar analysten met een afwijkende mening en zienswijze, zoals we die vrijwel nooit in de volksmedia aantreffen. Zo ook met betrekking tot het financiële wereldje. De eindconclusies van Gary Savage op basis van zijn  “key macro views”: 

Listen to what gold is trying to tell you.

  • It’s saying the rate hiking cycle is coming to an end.
  • It’s saying central banks are going to reflate.
  • It’s saying the dollar is going to roll over into a bear market.
  • It’s saying inflation is coming… -DGZ-